About Us

Our Endeavor

We have, like many others, traversed the barren landscape of the sporting industry in India, only to return empty-handed and parched. However, our travels were not without learning. While wandering the barren wasteland of Indian sports, the over-whelming lack of an integrated and self-sustained sports complex hit us hard.
Our mission was clear and we had the following milestones to achieve:
Transforming the piecemeal form of sports training prevalent in the country into an organized and diverse sporting zone.
Building internal avenues and self-sustained training centers, where both the most casual sports enthusiast as well as the most determined sports professional could find mentorship and equipment.
Building up enough efficiency to transform a child into a dedicated professional sportsperson by providing guides curators to take care of the essential needs and requirements of the child.
Offering entire packages and solutions through which we could nurture the mind, body and the will of a sports enthusiast to crystalline efficiency.
At the end, we felt like individuals who had provided water to the dry roots of an entire nation of sportsmen and sportswomen. Or task was to provide an epicenter frrm where we could bring about a paradigm shift in the way sports was perceived in the country. This included taking a broken machine and not merely fixing it, but developing it to become much more powerful and efficient than its previous form.

Our Role in Sports Outsourcing

Providing complete sports outsourcing solutions to academic institutions, complete with specially tailored packages, both monetart and training wise.
Provision of essential state-of-the-art facilities and training for numerous in door and outdoor sports, such as football, basketball, zoomba, yoga, carom, basketball, tennis and more.
Specially curated training regimes and packages for school team building and tournament preparation.
Complete diet plans, training schedules and developmental journey, tailored according to the timings and requirements of the students, parents as well as the institution itself.
Providing opportunities for academic institutions to hold inter and intra-school tournaments, complete with discounted packages as well as extra amenities such as changing rooms, training equipment and cost control of the event
Provision of special athletics training, gymnastics training, and special sports training, such as parkour, from basic to advanced levels for any school children who are interested in professional and semi-professional endeavors.
Creating opportunities to design entire school/institution-sponsored events and rallies.
Providing adequate opportunities for collaboration with external entities in order to align with the greater vision of better sports infrastructure for students across the country.